When Emmy-award winner and chef extraordinaire Anthony Bourdain said that he likes pork sisig very much and proclaimed that the mighty lechon is “the best pig ever”, the whole Philippines rejoiced.

Our challenge is to bring modern Filipino cuisine into the London dining scene and make it a household name.

From a country covering in excess of 7,100 islands with over 120 languages, the Filipino cuisine boasts of a veritable culinary conglomeration of traditional cuisines like Malay and Chinese with bold influences of Spanish, the Middle East and the New World.

Expect to savour tomato-enriched stews with an exotic layer of ginger emulsion, or creamy coconut milk reductions with broad beans and bay leaves. It is the most exciting cuisine out there to have arrived in the capital today.

As a contemporary Filipino restaurant, LUZON represents what is undeniably a growing Filipino food movement that started out and has grown in the US, and is now spreading globally.

As a Filipino food brand, we believe in sustainability hence while most of the ingredients are sourced in the UK we are more than proud to highlight some of the vast biodiversity of the Philippines. We use organic and wild produce from the three major regions Visayas, Mindanao and, largest of them, LUZON.

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