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Ripe Mango Salad

Ripe mango, red onion, tomato, coriander, dash of Don Papa dressing (V) / £5.00

Salted Egg And Tomato Salad

Dressed heritage tomatoes with salted duck egg yolk emulsion and cooked whites (V) / £5.00

Laing Lumpia

Spring rolls, taro leaves in spiced coconut sauce (V) / £6.00

Daing Na Mackerel

Pan-fried mackerel in garlic-vinegar marinade, tomato and red onion salsa, Java rice nuggets / £6.00

Longganisa Scotch Eggs

Filipino-style deep-fried eggs, longganisa / £6.00

Inasal Wings

Chicken wings marinated in lemongrass, ginger and calamansi, green papaya acharra / £6.00

Humba Pork Belly

Pork braised in honey, soy and pineapple, banana blossoms, Java rice nuggets / £6.00

Beef Bistek

Beef topped with bistek style red onions in soy-butter dressing, Java rice nuggets / £6.00



Leche Flan

Set condensada custard, cashew nut praline / £6.00

Jackfruit Ice Cream

Langka / £6.00

Dining for 2?
Set of 8 sharing plates (without dessert) @ £40
Set of 10 sharing plates (including dessert) @ £48

All prices inclusive of VAT. A discretionary service charge of 10% will be added to your bill. Food allergies and intolerances: before ordering please speak to our staff about your requirements.
(V) Vegetarian